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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Gender inequality is a profound injustice. It keeps millions of women around the world in poverty. Women are one half of the world’s population yet we are often denied equal access to health, education and political and economic participation. It’s first and foremost a rights issue but gender inequality also significantly damages a country’s economic development.

Measures to eliminate gender bias:
1. Spreading awareness: The only way to remove any kind of social evil is to bring awareness among the common people. They need to understand the importance of women. It is high time that they change their thinking that men are capable of doing everything and a woman has her boundaries. People should understand that if the sex ratio is not settled then numerous problems can arise in a society.
2. Focus on girls education: Lack of education is one of the main reasons for gender bias. Women who are not educated are not able to get proper knowledge about their rights and powers.
3. Provide equal opportunity: Women must be provided equal opportunities and this task should not be left to the government. Parents need to give both their sons and their daughters the chance to live their lives free from the boundaries of gender bias. Boys and girls should be provided with equal opportunities in every field whether it is at home or their workplace. There should be no discrimination in any field regarding gender.
4. Equality and equity: Women should have rights equal to men. Equal pay for equal work and recognition for unpaid labour is essential.
5. Promote gender equality in schools: children get their basic education in school and it is the place where they can change their minds. It is a proven fact that because of educated girls gender discrimination is minimised. Teachers have enormous power to promote gender equality by modelling positive behaviour in the classroom.