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Sex education should be introduced to schools in india because in today’s generation their are many young people who can’t talk about it and feel shy to share the things with parents or anybody. By introducing sex education in schools young people will may have conversation with their parents openly about sex education. We all know that their are people who have relationship in very small age and don’t have any idea to protect themselves physically due to which girls get pregnant and it leads to aborting child which is wrong. Instead they need to understand about sex education than only think of it. And it also leads to health problems which will get impact on their health in future. Their is lack of education problem of sex education and people are not aware of the importance of it. Due to which they don’t consider only to introduce sex education at schools. It can also be done in different parts and sessions according to age of the students as we have reproductive health education same thing we can introduce with sex education. Through Social media and digital platforms young people used to search about it and sometimes it gives wrong information rather than getting proper knowledge and right information in schools will surely help them. Their are many parents who think it is taboo to talk sex education this thing will get changed after introducing. Teenagers will get to know about the risks about health problems like sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STDs) which will make them to take care of their health. Society need to think practically for young generation safety and good health. By introducing sex education to schools it will benefit all the young people to have proper knowledge about it. And talking about sex education openly will become normal among people and also between parents and their children.