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Social media is handling image of body positivity, some people on social media are sharing real side & other are the one who sharing fake side on social media. New generation is washed by social media influencers, not only girls but also boys. In today’s world people like girls who look slim, beautiful & have a good face. In today’s time fat means ugly but in 19th century it’s not true. Princess taj al-kajar sultana of iran is little bit fat, have a moustache and a thick hair & she known as queen of beauty, Around 13 people committed suicide in love for her. Many girls don’t go outside with her friends just because they are feeling fat as ugly due to people who promote it ugly. Because of wrong trend this not only affect their mental health but also body, they consume vitamins & protein less, they eat less to look same as their favourite influencer but it’s affect their body. There are some short video apps who also plays a roll to promote body shame, when ever you open such kind of app you probably more likely to see transformation from fat to slim. Some influencers promote body product or tablet product & their followers use that product but that product affect their skins & body. Their are also many influencers who motivate other to love & accept their body. Young generation believe in social media but less on real life this thing need to get changed.