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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Cyberfeminism is used to describe the philosophies of a contemporary feminist community whose interests are cyberspace, the internet and technology. The term was coined in early 1990 to describe the work of feminists interested in theorizing, criticising and exploiting the Internet, cyberspace and new media technologies in general. Cyberfeminism is considered a predecessor to network feminism. Cyberfeminism also has a relationship to the field of Feminist science and technology studies. The dominant cyberfeminist perspective takes a utopian view of cyberspace and the internet as a means of freedom from social constructs such as gender and sex difference. Cyberfeminism we use technology as a vehicle for that is the illusion of sex and gender as well as a means to link the body with machines. Cyberfeminism refers to the application of feminism(s) ideology to and/or perform in cyberspace. An authoritative definition of cyberfeminism is difficult to find in written works because early cyber feminists deliberately evaded the rigid elucidation. Cyber familism is also concerned with the relationship between existing systems of discrimination and computing technologies, including race and racialization. There is also cyberfeminist work exploring the relationship of new technologies to gender and sexuality. Scholars such as Jessie Daniels suggests that “cyberfeminism is neither a single theory nor a feminist movement with a clearly articulated political agent. Rather cyberfeminism refers to a range of theories debates and practices about the relationship between gender and digital culture.” In addition, “within and among cyberfeminism (s) there are several theoretical and political sciences about internet technology and gender as well as noticeable ambivalence about a unified feminist political project.” Cyberfeminism can be a critique of equality in cyberspace, examine the gender relationships in cyberspace, examine the collaboration between humans and technology, examine the relationship between women and technology and more. The innovation of the internet has had a huge impact on women’s lives. The idea of digital life has been introduced to all users of the internet, but this new technology is liberating or oppressing women is still unknown.