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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Sexism exists everywhere, it exists in the way we speak the words we write, the images we create, And the way we act. It impacts women differently and to a greater extent than men. It’s around us from childhood with boys and courage to run, jump and be active and girls pic socialized into passive pleasing ladylike behaviour. It hits out at us from bus stop advertising, magazine covers, toys, computer games or pictures posted on the wall at work. It’s there in the home where women still perform pharma unpaid work than men. It’s in the workplace where women are not and silenced, passed over for promotion, penalised for having a family. It exists each time a victim of sexual violence is told in court that she was asking for it. It’s present each time a sportswoman is portrayed as a wife and a mother or asked to conform to a girly stereotype and hurt sports achievements are downplayed. It’s there when girls drop out of sports because they are told they don’t have the right body. It exists when men who looked after the children are ridiculed. It exists every time politicians who are women are silenced by jokes or comments about their appearance. It spreads poison through social media with women and girls silenced and degraded through vicious, sexualised attacks. Sexism is not just an attack on women, it’s an attack on everyone. It leads to societies that are not safe for everyone to thrive with no space for diverse voices, talents or leadership. At worst it creates a climate that leads to violence and murder. Sexism isn’t a conscious thing. It comes from societal preprogram which we don’t know is happening. Sexism ruins intergender relationships. When we talk about this thing, we are met with disbelief and mistrust.