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Conversion therapy means it is practice of changing sexual orientation from bisexual to heterosexual. More than 69 countries practices conversion therapy and mostly practice are taken by adults who may be bisexual, gay, transgender, lesbian. Because of conversion therapy people may suffer from suicide, stress, anxiety and depression. Conversion Therapy do not work according to evidence due to which it may harmful for LGBTQ community. There are many LGBTQ people who attempted to suicide, goes from depression. All over the world different judiciary has passed a law against conversion therapy. The main organization for conversion therapy was NARTH called as national association for search and therapy of homosexuality. Canada, Germany, Malta, Mexico and parts of Australia these countries has banned on conversion therapy. LGBTQ community still not treated properly by health care services due to which they has to suffer alot. 20% of transgender people are forced to have conversion therapy to subdue their gender identity which is wrong. This should be change and people need to raise their voice against wrong. Government need to look after this therapy to take proper care of LGBTQ community and conversion therapy should be banned for their safety. In 2001, U.S. surgeon David Satcher stated that their is no valid evidence says that sexual orientation can be changed.