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In 19th and early 20th century first wave feminism was occurred and it was the period of feminist activity. It focuses on women issues, women equality and especially women’s right to vote. This wave also sees that women gets the equal opportunities like men. The leader of first wave feminism was Elizabeth Cady Stanton who focuses on women’s suffrage movement. In march 1968 Journalist Martha Lear who invented the term first wave feminism in New York Times Magazine article. First wave feminism generally focusing for the fight of women’s political power and inequality. During suffrage movement young women’s education was very important. Due to which women will have their own self identity, confidence and potential. In 1960s Swiss suffrage movement trusted that education of girls is very important to have a purpose for their life rather than only seeing after children and it was universal thought during suffrage movements. Women suffrage movement encourage and support young women to have higher education. In 1971, women’s rights for vote in political elections was permitted. We all that society has the assumptions that men and women having separate duties like women will be housewives and men will be working at office which is wrong. This movements supports that women should have equal access for education and equal opportunities. The success of the women suffrage movement improves in higher education, workplace, equal opportunities and health care.