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Manpreet Singh
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Women are commonly assumed to outperform men in the treatment of emotional information. This study has explored whether females superiority exists in a naturalistic social-emotional environment in emotional information processing, if so, what the temporal dynamics underlie. The reactions in behavior and electrophysiology were recorded as individuals played interpersonal gambling with feedback supplied to opponents’ facial emotions. The results showed the effect of monetary feedback on the evaluation of results modulated by the emotional indicators. This modulation was much more evident in females: the furious expressions of opposing women enhanced the risky tendency of females and decreased the reward positive range (RewP). These findings show that women are responsive in genuine interpersonal interactions to emotional expressions, which occurs both in early motivational satiating and late cognitive assessment phases of feedback processing.
In various studies, women have an emotional recognition, social sensitivity, and empathy test that is higher than males. Neuroimaging studies have studied the findings more closely and found that women use more areas of the brain with mirror neurons than men when emotions are processed. The way in which men and women function is structured differently. The guys prefer to use the left side more. The men use both sides of their brains. The left side of our brain has logical thinking and problem resolution skills, whereas the right side has responsibility for prosodic processes, creativity, face perception, and emotional generation. The left side of our brain is therefore responsible for our IQ while the right side is responsible for our EQ. Women have a more advanced system of limbo. The limbic system addresses human features like behavior, feelings, and memory. It enables individuals to better experience and express their feelings and to connect readily with others. Although it is the problem, it opens the doors to depression, particularly during the hormonal transition phase of your menstrual cycle and pregnancy. So a lady can seem too passionate and temperamental throughout such times.