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India film industry & indian ad industry always make offensive practice of brownface, The filmmaker always choose brown colour people if film is related to slum area’s & village related story and on the other side if the film story is related to rich person they screen white human which means from the filmmakers perspective in india the rich people is clean & white and middle class people is brown & dirty. Not only films but also ad’s promoting stereotypes on a new generation, They ad’s is like if a man or a women is black no one will see them or talk to them everyone will avoid them & if a person is white everyone like to talk to them, example: FAIR & LOVELY and FAIR & HANDSOME – fair & lovely promote fairness “whiteness”. At old times, when British people were ruling our country, from that time indian people has thinking like fair people are more talented and clever than brownface people it happens because people were not well educated this was the big reason behind that but in today’s generation there are people with high education they also discriminate and make offense about brownface people. There is movie called “Bala” they are clearly showing brownface as offensive one and it is also shows that indian society are still discriminating brownface women. To portray lower class people movies and tv shows usually does over makeup to give brownface looks to actor or actress. And when the movies and tv shows wants to show model or high class people they prefer fair skin tone actor or actress. Indian film industry should stop making offensive about brownface it gives the wrong message to society due to which it leads to inequality, discrimination, stereotypes, comparison between white and brown people skin tone. They should portray both colour people equally without letting down of brownface people.