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It is now become very important to have appointed women judges, in a higher court and supreme court, very few amounts are judge’s judiciary, judiciary department needs to realize that giving the equal chance to women to hold the position of judge, but the positive step is taken by former chief justice India our country is going soon have a women chief justice of India. Also, the supreme court is always ready to give chance to women because seeing women people have an idea that women are stepping into every field, they are taking education and achieving their goals, women need to understand that may be becoming a judge requires a lot of patience and hard work but if your mind is set then nothing can stop you for becoming a judge. Women are very efficient and focus there and they saw biased behavior all their life so they will never take wrong or partial decisions, and being a woman, they will better understand the women’s issues and suggest government to make the necessary changes. There is one woman judge in 27 judges that are the scenario, the reason behind this is because women have dropped their studies family members forced to marriage or household chores, the family doesn’t allow, backward thinking and patriarchal mindset. And in rural areas females do not get enough resources to study they have to travel miles to get classes of becoming judges. But we need to encourage females to become judges also women see that some women are being high court and supreme court judges it will motivate them to be work hard.