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Divorce is the most unaccepted and controversial thing in our country even today, it also considered that if a woman first files divorce then it is considered more serious and a lot of questions are raised about her character and behavior by society people spread rumors about her and tries to blame, if two people are not satisfied we each other and the arguments are converting in to fight, and not being happy with each other its normal to take divorce also if women or men cheating on each other then how much will they sought out the things at end of they have to face each other’s face. Society needs to remove this stigma that divorce means the end it is just accepting that couple are not made for each other and by legally separating one can live their life free from responsibilities of each other or they can find someone else things will lot different with them maybe this is something new for the society but this how it should be and accepting change, and by not allowing to take divorce we will just see two broke people together at end of the happiness is matter the most and what is wrong in taking custody or giving what women are claiming compensation if the partner is not agreed to give that then he should have work on their relationship and try to save it. Please remove stigma divorced women are not allowed stay at her parent house they are a burden on them, it was her house by birth she has all the right to stay at her home, after facing divorce she is already going through tough times, what family members and society instead of supporting we are making more difficult for her. People should not interfere in the matter of married couples and respect their choices and decision without judging them.