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Many housewives are fond of dressing up wearing different styles of clothes or they love the materials so many women have this wish to design the clothes for themselves and they are loved, but they stitching skills are not enough but one also needs to have good fashion knowledge and creativity which one can do with the clothes, so women can do the fashion designing and can convert their hobby into an income source. their many online platforms which offer such courses from home only so investing some money in this will be beneficial for a long time.
Fashion styling and image design:
So, this course is very trendy and fashion related so it will teach housewives how to style anyone enhances their fashion sense and image design they can sketch new dresses style or outfit ideas which are creative of them.
Knitwear design:
So knitwear apparel is the specific knit design the knitwork is done on the different fabrics and it is also the popular course which women can go for.
Jewelry design:
Under fashion jewelry also count you can design different jewelry pieces and intricate designs which go on different fashion outfits. it is a very unique course.
Apparel production:
It is a course in which we can learn how different fabrics are converted into a garment and it mainly emphasizes tailoring, formal wear, and the creation of sustainable fashion. By doing this course housewives can get deep knowledge about apparel production.
Courses of leather design, textile design, communication design, accessory design, and fashion communication courses which housewives can do.