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Yes, women are still facing gender bias in Indian hostels because their are strict rules and restrictions for girls and women in hostels than men. To live in Indian hostels women need to stick with the strict rules. On other side, men don’t have strict rules and restrictions to live in Indian hostels compare to women. In some hostels, women are still asked to wear ethnic and there are timing for women before that they has to come back in hostel otherwise they has to listen to warden anger. Women and girls has to face with ragging by seniors in hostels through which women goes with many problems mentally and physically. Warden also behave very strictly with women and asks every detail from them. In women’s hostels their is no such fun activities or sports, whereas in men’s hostels their is facilities of indoor and outdoor games. Why? This gender inequality towards women is still happening instead both men and women hostels should get equal treatment. Indian hostels don’t have proper management of Washroom facility which is very important for women’s hygiene. Indian hostels should provide equal rules and regulations for men and women and both should get equal opportunity, treatment and facilities.