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In today’s world, many girls and women want to participate in beauty Pageants, in that also many of them don’t take participate because of not getting support from family. Many people in our Society thinks that beauty pageants is sexist but actually girls and women are getting inspired through winners of beauty pageants to follow their career goals and dreams. We can see that recently manya singh who is the daughter of auto-rickshaw driver became runner-up of Femina miss india 2020 by seeing this many girls and women will get inspire and motivation to participate in beauty Pageants. Many women come out from their comfort zone to participate in beauty Pageants which is very empowering to take step towards their success. And through various beauty pageants it is happening. Many other countries participate due to which women gets the chance to have sisterhood bond with other co-contestants it will also gives you motivation, support and learning from each other. Beauty Pageants don’t goes with looks and colour it gives chances to every women and girls to participate because the winner of beauty pageants will be the one who is beautiful inside out that’s why, it is called beauty with purpose. Beauty Pageants is for women empowerment and they provides the platform for women all over the world to raise awareness about issues they believe in. Organizations that conduct beauty pageants it gives opportunity to many girls and women to follow their passion, dreams or career goals to be an independent women. Because of the organizations all the incredible women comes together to be the part of beauty with purpose. Society has the mentality towards women that women can’t be smart, independent, confident or be career successful but beauty pageants are empowering women to feel confident, public speaking, smart, independent. Through which many people gets inspired to follow their career goals. Society need to change their mindset towards beauty pageants and start supporting it.