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Me too movement means it is a movement against sexual assault and sexual harassment where people used to put allegations publicly of physical crimes. Me too movement was spread in October 2017 on social media using Hashtag of me to movement. Sexual harassment and sexual assault mostly happens at workplace. Their are some of the celebrities who shared publicly their me to stories includes Tanushree Datta, Jasmin Bhasin, Tina Datta, Priyanka Bose, Dianda Soares and many more. Four years back, many people are not aware about social media platforms and people don’t know how social media will help to put impact on certain things this is the one of the reasons that failed the impact on me to movement. Their are women who don’t speak about sexual harassment and sexual assault due to family because they think speaking about this things openly will affect their image in society. Awareness is also the reason due to which it not create such impact on me to movement because their are women who don’t get to know about this movement correctly. To improve the safety and security for women their should be more movement that should not get failure like me to movement because of failed movement there is increasing in sexual harassment and sexual assault and they should be make sure that movement must create the impact on society for women better living.