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Abortion is considered a very serious thing in our Indian society; some people have this notion believe having a baby is a blessing from the god and if women decide they want to abort the baby they think they are making mistakes people are very touchy when it comes to having a baby. Women can make the decision of aborting a child but they should not be blamed for doing that we need to sometimes respect their choice and decision; it is human behavior before any decision women will talk about this her partner if they are sharing a healthy relationship. The reason behind it is that women are not ready for taking responsibility or she is more focused on her career goals and builds their life, marriage is not done to have a child it is a decision of couples they want to have it or not. So, take abortion lightly because you are putting pressure on women by saying her no, she will never be able to nurture the child or she will curse you for a lifetime it can also create complications in relationship. And it is women’s sole decision and no family involvement is needed to decide what to do with a baby we should encourage women for choosing what they wanted standing against injustice. Also going through this woman faces the tough time that man will never understand that pain. Also, it is wrong to force women to have abortion maybe she wants a child and expecting it is also wrong. Live it on women if she wants to have a baby or not. We need such laws that allows women to make decision regarding abortion and protection by providing best abortion service to her. Also, women should consult with their doctor to take their view and ensure safe treatment of abortion that is very important.