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Unplanned pregnancies happen with many women’s situations when you are not expecting or not ready for baby responsibility. Having a baby is a big decision in anybody’s life. Women should make sure they are using their protection and contraception properly. Because unplanned pregnancies lead to financial problems because of proper treatment and monthly checkups. Pregnant women need to keep their health even it affects on our career and if the baby has grown women 3 months under the womb you are not allowed to do an abortion it is illegal. so sometimes we keep ignoring that we need immediately consult a gynecologist tell them everything from which date we are not getting or get pregnancy test kits. Sometimes our partner is not ready to take responsibility they may don’t show their emotions but somewhere they feel stress in mind. And getting pregnant at a young age you somewhere that fun to travel places and do what things you won’t achieve your goals first. Create stable life for yourself. Even if you get to know it is unplanned pregnancy then don’t stress away understand that it is not good for your baby to take deep breaths. If you are worried about the expenses then save them wherever it is possible. Try to have a conversation with a closed circle explain to them things have gone wrong. Make sure this mistake never happens again.