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Yash Tiwari
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Women are 31% behind men in pay, yet they have higher levels of education and experience. What is the reason for this paradox? Harvard Business Review mentioned that women are more likely than men to be judged on their appearance and they are also more likely to have a bad manager that evaluates them in a biased and unfair way. It’s not only women, people who are perceived as different in general have also fewer chances to get promoted or even get hired. The world has more jobs than qualified candidates. To find the ones you’re best at, and most enjoy, it’s better to focus on your skills rather than your resume. Skills are what you’re able to do in any company, but a resume just shows where you’ve been.

Here are some of the most promising career-related skills for women:
1. Creative problem-solving
Creative problem-solving involves thinking of eccentric solutions to complex issues. Demonstrating creative problem-solving skills can make you an asset in any situation. It can give you the ability to see all sides of a situation, without bias and with clarity of thought. It can also allow you to develop your own plan and execute your ideas, which means you take responsibility for appropriate action when others have failed or took no action at all.
2. Communication
The ability to communicate effectively not only helps you express yourself, but also helps in your career advancement. Communication is key to forming good relationships with your manager and coworkers. It is important that you express yourself clearly and concisely during business meetings or while working on a project with others.
3. Integrity
Integrity is an important job skill for women to learn because it will help them build trust and credibility with their coworkers. Women often consider integrity along with helpfulness and friendliness as a ‘soft skill’ that doesn’t translate well from an interview into action. Women need to remember that in any situation, they are either working on building their integrity or destroying it.
4. Teamwork
Working with a team is something that women often struggle with more than men. It’s hard to be part of a team if you are unwilling to admit you did not meet goals or were wrong about something. Try to think of it this way: Being a member of a successful team is far better than being a lone wolf with poor relationships with co-workers.
5. Leadership
Leadership is a term used in many contexts and can inspire feelings that range from admiration to fear, and everywhere in between. Defined casually, the term relates to someone who sets an example for others to follow and who can influence others to accomplish shared goals. Leadership is not gender-based; anyone can be a good leader, regardless of genetic makeup or professional background.
6. Collaboration
Collaboration skills can also boost the productivity of your team and help you communicate better. Having the ability to work with others on projects in the workplace, communicate your ideas clearly, being able to interact with team members easily and efficiently, and having the ability to compromise are all skills that are useful in any career.