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Manpreet Singh
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The truth is that women remain in custody for years. The mobile revolution is considered to be a danger to the overarching patriarchal control by a device that has access outside its local community. However, with more access for women in rural India, a range of services and programs that allows women to enhance their connectivity and learn how to use the internet are beginning to benefit from the digital revolution. Women may develop and act upon their own ideas with technology and the Internet.
With more than 140 million Internet users India is the second-largest online market. That so, the gulf between male and female mobile device users remains, as only 33% of women use mobile telephones compared to 67% of males. India has dropped 21 places in the World Economic Forum, which ranks 108th out of 144 nations, released in its Global Gender Equality report. This gap produces a multi-faceted development challenge. For one thing, the paucity of women users for male users produces an environment that is much less accommodating to women in a strongly gendered online environment. What should be noticed is that it is not enough for women to obtain access to technology by mobile devices and consume information online. For meaningful development or even identity development, passive absorption of knowledge is not adequate. Women must discover how not just online material is consumed, but their own knowledge is also produced. This would lead to space, the digital environment, and more significant technological interactions, therefore generating the potential for upward economic mobility, adding to online content, and creating own knowledge.
We find that even if patriarchal systems in rural India have considerable resistance, women will find their way to the technology and Internet and can leverage it enormously to improve their economic position. This will not only give them autonomy much-needed, it will also help to raise their GDP in India because it will lead to much more than one hundred years of economic growth. Rural women are a big market share that can no longer be avoided by services providers and it is a possibility that must be exploited to alter your lives via meaningful interaction with technology.