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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Masculinity refers to the performed behaviours attributed to manhood. Toxic masculinity refers to a subset of violent, destructive or oppressive behaviour was performed in an attempt to live up to a mythological idea of masculinity. Let’s take Batman, for example, he is intelligent, self-sacrificing and dedicated to justice. Some of his behaviour is toxic. His aggression, emotional detachment from the misogynistic control over women are all forms of toxic masculinity. It’s not that all men are toxic but their behaviour can be. Everyone is capable of these behaviours. One reason this exists because we have a problem with our cultural definition of what a real man is. Manhood is framed in opposition to womanhood. So toxic view of masculinity sees anything feminine as a threat to masculinity. Boys attitude young age to a be aggressive, competitive and strong at all costs. Receive this played out whenever a boy is bullied for being weak because they’ve was crying or expressing emotions. So toxic li masculine behaviour occurs when a man feels the need to defend or assert this unhealthy idea of masculinity. This can double down on toxic behaviour such as denial of feelings, verbal abuse and physical or sexual violence. In our patriarchal society masculinity is valued over femininity. Masculine presenting people are encouraged to show domination over women and feminine presenting people can be displayed in the form of sexual objectification, possessiveness and predatory behaviour. There is also a dangerous sense of entitlement that comes from the narrative saying that the more masculine you are the more entitled you are to respect, power, a job and sex. When women disagree or say no, aggression anger or violence can follow because there tonight what is owed to this masculine power. This toxic sense of entitlement contributes to the rampant rape culture in this country.