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Yes, Women can choose judiciary as their career because it has great job opportunities with secure job options. Their are parents who feel unsafe for their daughter to choose judiciary as career option because of getting scared from criminals instead parents should support her to follow her career goals. And their are different career options in judiciary which are under legal profession, so that parents shouldn’t have to worry about that, they should only support and motivate her to choose judiciary as her career option. Their are career options in judiciary like lawyer, advocate, judge, law professor, law firms, corporate law these career option will help women to make choice of their own interested field. By choosing judiciary as profession women will get chance to do something for the society which will feel her good. Women can do specialization in corporate law it has huge range of area. It includes areas like tax law, securities and intellectual property. Corporate lawyers can also be investment bankers and they can also work with corporation and law firm. Women can also be assistant with popular advocate like helping her in cases which will help her to gain some experience. Women can also be a judge in judiciary, it has job security and it will also have financial stability. As far as, it is not esay to be judge it requires hardwork and dedication be a judge in judiciary but it will worth because you will get a opportunity to do justice. Law professor also has great job opportunities to teach in different colleges of law. Their are few females in judiciary career for that we need women to choose judiciary as career option, so that their will be equal number of men and women in judiciary system. Women should do research about judiciary as career option, so that they will get to know about the profession in deep and to choose correct option. Women can have good career in judiciary.