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Upskilling will help the women in many ways constantly upgrading and changing with time is very important because you achieve different levels you are not stuck in one place. It makes you independent and confident about things. It will help women to take out from comfort zone, some of the women who are in leading the world because they upskill time to time, don’t complain that I am unable to learn or it very difficult to learn that specific skill it is will seem difficult for some period once you keep doing it will automatically be an easy thing for you. One can upskills them by doing short-term courses or join any class, learn new languages, different self-help books. Women need to develop a growth mindset, it will change your game we always fear before doing something new but taking countable risks is important because that how you can achieve success, women always have the issue of not having enough time but we need to make time for ourselves. They are a lot of websites that provide free courses and even internships. If you are working in the company, try to upgrade your research about, how can I learn something that will help me for gaining promotion. By making women learn to use new tools we can solve the gender gap issue and also encourage them to start their own businesses it will also help built women entrepreneurs. Women can be influenced by other people who share their experiences with the people. At least women should give it a shot for upgrading new skills.