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women should only get an education is not okay but with that, we need to also look after many things that need getting upgraded with some skills our because when we step in finding the job is not easier because there is so much competition, we need to be unique and it is possible through gaining new skills. Here are some skills which will benefit women:
1. Communication skills: women should know how to communicate with people ineffective way and one should have good command of language basically two languages English and Hindi also trying to learn a new language will be very unique. Listening and writing also what you write and how you write also tells a lot about you as a person.
2. Ability to plan and manage the tasks:
Women need to manage and plan things creatively and meet deadlines is very necessary and it is not everyone is able to manage every it is skill and talent which is required.
3. Public speaking skill
This skill women should really practice because it requires a lot of confidence and self-esteem to speak Infront of an audience and analyzing their choices and behavior. Women always don’t like to speak in front of people because they will be judged and criticize but it is not truly an employer always in search of a public speaker so then women should definitely gain this skill.

4. Computer and electric skills
Women are very much dependent on men when it comes to working on electrical devices or computers, companies first thing they ask for do you know how to work on computer and ms office then only they go further for details.
The programming languages are very demanding at this time and highly earning source. Programming language coding. Programming language is very essential skill in future. Women should learn this through their free courses of programming.