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Yash Tiwari
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Women like men ought to be encouraged to follow their passion. Passion is the most crucial thing in life. It is the reason for which we are alive. To live a purposeful life, which is what we were all born to do, we need to follow our passion. If we just go with the flow throughout our lives and end up not following our passion then our lives will have no meaning. Women don’t get equal encouragement to follow their passion as men. Because of society’s mentality towards women they don’t get support or encouragement to follow their passion. Both men and women should have the same opportunities to follow their passion, not only one gender is getting support and encouragement to follow their passion.

When women talk about passionate work and choice it is more likely to be viewed as a ‘career change’ and flip flop rather than a woman simply following her bliss! Gender roles are expectations that people have about what is appropriate behavior for men and women. These roles are shaped by social, cultural, economic, and historical factors. Women have been discriminated against throughout history in different aspects of life. Throughout history, it has been assumed that women are not on the same level as men and should get fewer rights than men in every sphere of life. Society treats women as the weaker sex, fragile, emotional, capable to only handle the house works while men are supposed to perform outside the household.

In our world, I think we agree that it is important for people to follow their dreams to have a successful life. But no one disagrees with the idea that men and women should be equally encouraged to follow their passions. It is an idea that everyone can easily get behind. However, when it comes down to action, there are many more questions than answers. For women, work is not the primary goal in life. For men, it is. That is what psychologist Susan Pinker said to us at an event last year. She repeated this over and over again throughout her presentation. But while she was right that most of the world’s cultures prize increased productivity more than happiness or leisure time, our own culture is different. Men need to show support for women’s passion as much as they do, following their passion.

The problem I see is that there’s something that young girls aren’t taught: they are allowed to choose their careers for themselves. Society usually considers boys primarily as breadwinners but girls are expected to marry and have children. Therefore, parents in most cases don’t give too much attention to the education of their daughters. When it comes to choosing a profession, the girls are usually convinced that the only thing they can do well in life is to find a decent man and settle down with him. We always hear that every person’s passion lies in a different area so we can’t force anybody to find the one they are passionate about. But the thing is, if you want to make your passion become a career, then you need to give it more important or it will never be there in your life.