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Advertising is the source through which we influence the audience so we need to be very serious about what we show to our audience and what message we want to give, to show women doing male jobs, one can show other roles rather than this or also we can show that man is doing household this will influence that doing household duties is gender-neutral, or show women how handling her work and home at the same times they are many roles that women are performing. women are always seen making tiffin for men or pleasing men. women have a lot more jobs instead of doing this. Gender equality is very important how to showcase women, advertising agencies keep this thing mind before writing an ad for brands because that’s how we will bring change in society, promoting gender neutrality is very important, women should not accept or if anybody thinks to add is giving the wrong message to the people they can sign the petition and join the people who also have objection on the advertisement this will also educate people, and television ads are seen every so it is best option to promote by bringing the change. Gender roles are various we can show them and empower them. brands’ point is right we should give what the audience wants but that will not create change, something new, something different everybody likes. They also get attracted to it their perspective also broadens still some effort we can see in ads. Please stop this they are more options please emphasize it.