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Manpreet Singh
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Indian civilization, without a doubt, is a patriarchal society, which always popularises stories celebrating motherhood and strengthens the mother’s values, the sacrificial and holy image of a woman whose identity fades away into that of a mother, wife, daughter, and so forth. Maternity and pictures celebrating the motherhood status are abundant from the self-sacrificing mother of mythological times up to the motherly tags we are giving women as an honorary emblem today. As is the case with the rest of the globe, maternity is a cultural phenomenon used for the purposes of capitalism by the media and the commoditized social reality. Motherhood images were employed for the construction of nations and as part of global political agendas. It is everywhere institutionalized and gender is the norm. Motherhood perceptions focus on commitment, compassion, caring, and, of course, tremendous sacrifice. Frameworks and expectations for women to fit snugly are truly established.
The “coveted” maternity imposed social consequences provoke reactions of all forms within our society, which are designed to reverse the progressive nature of several initiatives aimed at creating a better society for women in India. When it comes to motherhood, women’s choices are always being questioned. Women who are married and children less, and who desire to become a mother, are another kind of women who suffer because of their maternal myth. The worse sort of suffering in infertility treatments is this category of women. They abuse their bodies and receive hormone therapies that alter their disposition and suffer significant physical and emotional harassment. Often this glorification of motherhood in representations of popular culture confirms the social ostracism facing women who cannot imagine themselves. Can we thus be a little more sensitive to the cultural and political subtleties in current society which characterizes motherhood? We may be able not just for women but for all gender groups to establish a more inclusive society.