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Yes, the judiciary is one of the best career options which women can choose to make a career in it, for making career women have to pass the law entrance exam and study law for few years one can become a lawyer, judge, and advocate, etc. judiciary is the best option because it is not only the professional but also one gets chance to serve the society, it also provides different opportunities to young generation become the part of this and women also gets satisfaction by being able to do something for the nation. Even it is very secure job options and very literate people and the threat of partiality is also less in this option. Women can be the judge it is the higher position in the judiciary system. Because perform the role of interpreting, making, and applying laws in the country. They have many special decision-making powers in hand. To become a judge, one has to study very hard, and having detailed knowledge of the judiciary is a must need. Very few become females judges. We need to have the same number of males, females in the judiciary. Women can get benefits in this field such as house rent allowance, travel allowance and electricity bill, health allowance a lot more. Women are very sincere they by being in this field they can pass the right judgment and punishment to the culprit. There are some rules regarding eligibility for giving the exams is conducted by the public service commission. Law students have to go through many hardships in the career but in the end, it all will be worth it.