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Manpreet Singh
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Women have a long history in athletics. It’s a history characterized by conflict and discrimination, but also by tremendous achievements by women athletes and substantial improvements in gender equity and women’s and girls’ empowerment. The first woman to swim in a 100-yard freestyle in one minute during the Olympics of 1932 was Heleno Madison of the United States of America; the first woman to compete at a European Grand Prix car race in 1958 was Maria-Teresa de Filippis of Italy. These accomplishments have been achieved against several barriers based on discrimination against men and women. Women were often seen to be too vulnerable in sports, especially endurance sports like marathons, weightlifting, and cycling, and sports, especially reproductive health, have often been contested in the past. In 1896, the founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, said: “Even if the sportswoman is tight, her organism is not cut down to support certain shocks.” These prejudices fostered discrimination against women in physical and leisure and competitive sport, sports, and sports media based on gender. Gender discrimination in all areas, in all areas of involvement in sport and in physical activity, driven by continued stereotypes of women’s physical ability and social responsibilities, restricts the beneficial results of sport for gender equality and female empowerment. Women are often unintentionally separated into various forms of sports, events, and competitions aimed especially towards women. Women are restricted from the local level to the international level in their access to leadership and decision-making positions. Women’s sport is sometimes of less value than women, which results in insufficient resources and unequal earnings and awards. We need to create an equal ground for the women athletic, sports can be a game-changer and can make our women more independent, it is time that we shed this patriarchal approach and make for the equal rights provided in our constitution.