Get Inspired, Be Empowered Forums Gender Justice Are women equally encouraged to ‘follow their passion’ as men are? Reply To: Are women equally encouraged to ‘follow their passion’ as men are?

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NO, according to me most women are not encouraged to follow their passion as men do from their home, I think they both should need to be encouraged equally everyone has the right to follow their passion and make their career with it. Women need to be determined to follow the need to be their own motivator, look at her achievements as her source of encouragement at the start of her journey she may have to hear a lot of criticism from her family and society but at end of the day when you will achieve success by choosing passion it will be worth everything people will automatically change their opinion for you they will support time, some women always assume their family will not allow them to pursue, you need to talk about it with your family try to have a healthy conversation and make them understand how it will benefit you. Men need to show support women’s passion also as they do, following passion not only give you success but also the happiness and motivation for getting up every day making dream work. There so many Indian women who have come forward by following their dreams facing a lot of struggles. If they can do you also keep trying to convince your family members, show them how it is your passion is as important as men’s passion because gender biases are nothing to do with passion. Instead of forcing your daughter to marry a guy help them in following their dreams and passion.