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If homemakers want, they can achieve financial freedom, but it will be challenging for them because they don’t have any source of earning to attain financial freedom but they can do it by changing and taking small steps towards getting financial freedom when women who are homemakers get some amount every month for running the house, they should try to keep at least 10% of that amount aside for them for their personal use. And what is remaining after paying all the bills to keep with yourself, women should create a plan of all the finances and incomes of the house. Women can also invest their money in banks or in mutual funds in return they can double their money. If their children are busy with their school work and lectures at that time women can do online courses, they are many such courses. Women should stop thinking that they are homemakers so they only look after their home responsibilities are allowed to continue their studies or their hobbies, they can ask for money when they need it your work cannot be counted in terms of money because you’re working even on holidays when everyone is enjoying their free time. You don’t need to do full-time work you can contribute by doing small work from home or by developing some hobbies that make you profit in near future. One can start a YouTube channel or can be a social media influencer you can begin it by small but earning a small amount not only give you a certain level of financial freedom but can motivate you or boost your confidence.