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In today’s world, It becomes difficult for women to restart their career because their are already lots of people who are working hard towards their career goals and their are so many women and girls are giving their 100% towards sharping their skills, in that the one who wants to restart their career they has to work hard and by giving their 100% dedication towards work to give a equal competition like other people who are already their in every field. There are women who has to give up on their career due to such situations like after marriage, not getting support from parents, taking care of children, pregnancy and more. Many women and girls don’t want to skip their career or have long gap in their career but due to some situation they has to take gap between their career. Due to which women don’t get chance to achieve their career goals. Their are organizations who help women to restart their career like JobsForHer, Avtar l – win, sheroes, HerSecondInnings these organizations are helpful for women to get job opportunities, internships, part time jobs and many more. Due to online platforms of learning women can sharpen their skills that will help them to get job opportunities. And their are many courses available online on different websites like coursera, udmey, skillshare and many more through which they can gain some skills and experience due to which they will get confident enough at interviews. Women should be honest about their career gap through which it will gives positive point to get job opportunities by being honest. They need to rebuild their network with the help of linkedin app, through which you may get job opportunities. Show professionalism and seriousness to get an opportunities to work at particular company. Being Confident and energetic towards work is must for women to restart their career.