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Commercial Surrogacy means that women excepts some amount of compensation and all the facilities should be provided to her during pregnancy than only that women will be your Surrogate mother. In india commercial Surrogacy is ban and allows altruistic Surrogacy for those couples who faces infertility. And Surrogate mother should be willingly carry the baby is important for parents to have their child healthy.
In commercial Surrogacy process their are two types of process:
1.Gestational Surrogacy process means it is not biological child from the Surrogate mother and it allows for LGBTQ community, infertility, single parents.
2.Traditional Surrogacy process means it is biological child which has father’s sperms through the process called intrauterine insemination.
Pros and cons of Commercial Surrogacy as following:
1.Women who can’t get pregnant they are allowed to have baby from Surrogate mother.
2.Surrogacy is advantage for women who can’t get pregnant and through Surrogacy they will get that happiness to be a mother. In most of the cases women are the who makes choice to have Surrogate mother.
3.Surrogacy is the way of making money and some of the women deal with their financial problems and for education purpose.
4.Surrogacy helps people who suffer from infertility, LGBTQ community to complete their family.
1.Being Surrogate mother is not esay it comes with physical and emotional problems like attachment towards child, injections, lifestyle and many more.
2.In some cases Surrogate mother gets attach to child because of which it may lead to legal problems.
3.Surrogate mother excepts compensation and it is very expensive due to which most of the people can’t afford surrogacy.
4.Surrogacy is opposite in some religious beliefs.
5.Surrogacy is something which may be problematic because finding a trust worthy Surrogate mother is not esay.
These were the pros and cons of Commercial Surrogacy