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When women first time breastfeed their baby, they have some difficulties getting milk at that time breast tenderness is very normal, and at that time you experience mild pain when the baby sucking the milk for the first time that pain is an indication of milk is started to produce. While breastfeeding every woman should at least wash their breast with soap water twice a day. if pain continues after few days women should consult with a doctor. Women should avoid using breastfeeding pads that have plastic liners. Women should wear cotton bras without elastic straps this will be very helpful for the breasts. Women should express little milk before feeding to the baby, so it will be easy for the baby to suck the milk. If some women’s nipples are cracked that’s fine women should continue breastfeeding. Women should massage breasts it will help to ease the flow. there is thrush is a common fungal infection, it germinates lactose from milk and this can affect both mother and baby. One can prevent sore or cracked breasts by making sure how the breast is positioned in front of the little nurser. Relaxation and breathing help to ease out the milk by practicing yoga pose or breathing before feeding. Women should eat a healthy diet. Let baby fully fill milk from each side of milk because milk generates when breasts are fully empty.