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Yash Tiwari
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Several surveys describe the potential hurdles that women face when they return to work after taking a break. Women, especially those who take an extended time away from their careers or even take off for child-rearing years, must think about changes in their skills, how they present themselves, whether to detail their experience to prospective employers and stay in touch with former colleagues. Restarts are indeed difficult for women, especially in a world that worships youth and newness. But the answer is not to give up on a career. It is to stop wasting time competing with your younger peers. And even though there are some difficulties, things can be done to overcome them.

After having children women find themselves in a position where they have to choose between pursuing a career and being at home with their family. In most cases, women realize that leaving their careers to take care of their children is the right choice for them. Many women do not end up returning to work after taking time off from work. Working mothers have experienced tremendous changes in their roles and experience in the workplace. With the invention of technology and the more comfortable and faster way of communicating and accessing information, women have risen to higher levels in businesses.

Women are always more concerned about their career stability and getting promoted in few years. There are high chances for the women who want to take a break that they may not get the job that matches their skills because of age or experience. Women need to consider any opportunities which match their skills and also give them better chances for promotions. It is very difficult for women to restart their careers after a break. This is because everything in this world is dynamic and changing from one another. When the break is taken it becomes harder for a woman to resume her tasks/works as she has to start over learn all the new things. The new knowledge cannot be remembered and if you try to relearn them it takes more than a day or two and that makes us feel low as we have already been among them.

Research shows that women, on average, are not as willing as men to cut their careers short to take care of family responsibilities. Perhaps because professional life is more stressful for women they value it somewhat more than men do. So it is understandable for them to hesitate before giving up a challenging job or a good salary. It is a fact that more and more women are interrupting their careers. But it’s hard to restart (being hired) because they have been out of the professional market for a long time, and professional contacts dry up. Women have struggled to keep their careers on pace, this is a worldwide phenomenon. Working women are guilty of either not doing an acceptable job or are seen in some competitive hostile environments where they are left out by their male peers. Women hold about 47 percent of all professional jobs and hold roughly 60 percent of all managerial positions which are usually attained before 30 years of age. This ratio between men and women is not very different from other countries.