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In today’s world, Everybody gives chance to women to speak about her opinion but no one will focus on her opinion because of gender inequality towards women they don’t even get a chance to make decision about certain things. In our society, every family members will give priority to men’s decision and no one will give priority to atleast listen women’s decision this happens due to society mentality towards women they always make discrimination and inequality between men and women. Due to all these things women don’t get chance to Participate in Decision making. At workplace men are given more priority in decision making than women which is wrong both men and women should get equal chance in decision making. Gender inequality plays a major role towards women due to which women are not getting priority to participate in decision making. Society need to stop making gender discrimination and gender inequality between both men and women and start treating them equally due to which it will change the mindset of society towards women through which women will get equal chance in decision making and leadership. Women should put their points strongly and they should make sure that everybody gives importance to your opinion because you are equally deserve to be part of decision making.