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Manpreet Singh
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Beauty pageants have been a controversial part of our culture for a long time: some regard them as a remnant from a far more patriarchal era, while others defend them to assist women of all ages to have greater faith and recognize their own dignity. Supporters of the pageantry consider these competitions to be a women’s celebration and a strong rejection in many respects of certain cultural and religious standards. It’s an opportunity for current Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach to persuade people to listen to topics we put on the backburner neatly. It gives a forum for women to talk about particular concerns and to make them aware of them.
Many argue that it is unjust to oversimplify the competition as an event that gives priority to aesthetics and overlooks their candidates’ understanding, performance and ability. Do you not make her any less of an icon, because of her physical appearance and its decision to enter a pageant, because what is wrong with beauty empowerment? But we should not completely forget about the pitfalls of such reagents. Beauty, without doubt, demonstrates the prototype of female shape and the language of the women’s body to satisfy their sexual longing. The women are publicly exposed nearly naked and judged to a certain degree on the basis of their vital statistics. A number of women’s and feminist organizations, on a number of grounds, were not linked to women in the holding of such pageant Bangalore. Politics, moral citizenship are interwoven into a cauldron of frenzy. These women’s groups never protested such competitions from India but cried when the same kind of event took place in India.
So there has to be a balance somewhere. Most of the problems related to these beauty pageants are related to exploitations, a proper redressal mechanism has to be in place. Also the over sexualization of these pageants, just to grab more eyeballs over tv should be discarded by the viewers.