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In our Indian society, there are many taboos on menstruation because earlier people did not understand the real reason behind female menstruation, so they have made their own preconceived notions of women periods till today females are following it. Female bodies during menstruation are considered impure and dirty, because of this they are not allowed to go holy places or enter the kitchen and allowed to touch anything from the kitchen, this only religious reason women don’t need to follow it is just taboo, some women are following because they are not much educated about it. women are not even allowed to share their periods with their husbands or other male members of the family. There are various religious beliefs according to culture. In north and south regions some devis temples are closed for some timespan because they say devi is menstruating. Females are given different utensils and they special toilet to go to. All this because they are considered impure. When a girl menstruates for the first time it is looked like very happy girls’ reproductive organs are mature and they are ready to give birth to the baby. Some people celebrate this thing. Even if go today and tell them the scientific reason for a girl’s menstruation they may not believe it easily. All women and girls are not able to afford the products because of that some women use the stained old clothes but it is not hygienic. We need to make understand and stop believing in these taboos and educate people.