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In today’s world, Many people in our society who take things lightly when it comes to gender inequality, gender discrimination, gender stereotypes towards women. 1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual violence atleast onces in their life because of marriage, dowry, not getting safety during travelling and what not. Due to bearing with physical or sexual violence women are suffering through mental problems. Cases of physical and sexual violence are increasing day by day because the culprit is not getting strict punishment due to which others are not getting scared to do physical or sexual violence with women. Many women who are not aware of their rights for them, news channels should highlight about women rights so that they will get to know about their rights and fight back against violence. Women should learn self-defense training through classes and if they can’t afford fees than their are online videos available on social media platforms like youtube. By learning self-defense they can protect herself in every situations. Now-a-days many women faces physical or sexual violence while travelling to different places or at workplace than by knowing self-defense it will be esay for her to fight back with such peoples. Women in villages who faces physical violence due to dowry and if they not agree with their husband decision than they has to go through with physical violence but than also they bear all the torture because they are not aware of their rights to fight back with such situations. Their should be campaigns and organizations for women in villages to make them awareness about their rights and to teach them self-defense to protect herself from physical violence. And it will not only help women to fight back with physical violence it will also work them as safety for herself by learning self-defense. Their should safety for women in public transport and their should be strict punishment for such people who don’t respect women due to which they faces from physical or sexual violence.