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Gender inequality happens due to not treating men and women in a equal manner. In our society, women are the one who are suffering more from gender inequality than men. To promote gender equality between men and women their should be equal opportunities and responsibilities for both. From childhood girls are the one who ask to learn household chores and cooking whereas boys are ask to concentrate on their studies instead parents should ask both girls and boys to learn household chores and cooking. Parents should equally treat their daughter and son for their education like both should be encourage to focus on their studies and hardwork to achieve their career goals. Their should be awareness about importance of girls education. In classroom also teachers should promote gender equality by giving equal chance to both boys and girls in projects, leadership, activities, etc, and teachers should see to that they treat every student equally without making comparison. At workplace men are given priority for job opportunities than women. Companies should give equal priority and opportunities to both men and women with equal pay. After marriage men and women both should do household chores and cooking together and both should take responsibility towards taking care of their family. Not only mother’s are responsible to look after child for studies and activities both father and mother are responsible to look after their child education. In rural areas their are parents who don’t believe in daughter’s education but they support their son for education due to which many girls don’t get opportunity to fulfill their dream. Their should campaigns and organizations to make awareness about girls education than atleast some girls will get chance to fulfill their career goals. Society should not make gender inequality towards women they should stop make comparisons between men and women instead they should support women for their career and treat them equally like men.