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Yes, Gender Stereotypes contributes to Misogyny due to society mentality towards women. From childhood onwards boys are seeing that girls are meant to do household chores because parent’s tell boys to focus on their studies and girls are told to learn household chores no one will tell her to focus on studies due to which boys sees that and creates a image of women in their mind. Due to which they can’t see women in top positions. In today’s generation their are lots of women who are achieving their goals and completing with men at workplace because of that men can’t take the success of women due to having mindset from childhood women aren’t meant to work at office, so they start creating troubles in her office work. Similarly, After Marriage when women want to start their career again no one will support her not even her husband because they has mindset that women can’t go outside and do work this happens due to the gender stereotypes towards women. Even their are women who also been the part of misogyny like how much makeup she has done, how short clothes she is wearing, she is suffering from domestic violence and not telling anyone, must be she is with him only for money, these were the things some girls and women are used to say about other girls and women itself which leads more men to contribute towards misogyny. In our society people offently judge women with their appearance and their are men has the image of the women that they should be wearing full clothes due to which it leads to misogyny. Society need to stop making genders stereotypes, gender discrimination, gender inequality towards women because of all these it contributes to misogyny due to which men don’t respect and treat women with equality.