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LGBT (LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL & TRANSGENDER). When our country got freedom, the constitution writer promised everyone for equality in our society but till now days LGBT didn’t get any equality as we compare to other genders, In recent few years LGBT rights is evolving fastest then before, In india there are 25 lakhs+ Gay population which is 7% of whole population, This is only what Ministry of health known But there are more than this because many didn’t openly accepted because of society and if we calculate lesbian, bisexual & transgender there are more than A million. In Bollywood movies they only use LGBT person just for comedy, Always who ever role as LGBT person in movies they poetry as a entertainer. In between us there are also many LGBT members who living a good life. Section 377 was written by indian British government in 1861, Section 377 means if whoever intercourse the order of nature with any man, women and animal will going to punish for 10 years in a prison, In 2009 Delhi high Court cancelled this section but in 2012 supreme court again bring this section. There are many stereotypes against LGBT member which is mental & physical disease, against religion/culture, unnatural, causes aids, dangers of national securities, western conspiracy. LGBT community goes through with lots of problems like inequality, stereotypes, discrimination, not treating them equally at workplace. Inspite of all these their is a celebration called as pride month which is celebrated in the month of June. The celebration is all about equality, people acceptance, equal awareness of LGBT community rights, education for LGBT community, awareness of issues that are affecting LGBT community. So that atleast some people in our society will start accepting LGBT community by knowing about the importance of pride month. Being LGBT in india is hard because of the society discrimination and inequality towards LGBT community.