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There are many career options for women in aviation and aerospace sector and it is not necessary that in this sector you have the only option to choose career in pilot instead there are many options girls and women can choice according to their interest.
Let us see, career options in aviation and aerospace sector as following:
1.Flight Instructor: To be an Flight Instructor you need to do diploma course in Flight Instructor, after completing 12th in PCM and you should have professional pilot license or CPL. There are some skills you should must have like verbal and written communication skills, good interpersonal skills, Enjoy teaching, good listener, etc.
2.Aircraft Maintenance Engineer: Generally AMI is responsible of aircraft maintenance and repairing the parts of aircraft they see to that the Flight should be 100% safe. Qualifications required to become AME, after completing 12th in PCM you need to do AME Courses which is of 3 years. Skills that you should have like observation skills, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills, knowledge of core subjects, etc.
3.Airlines Human Resource: Many women are interested in HR jobs so this will great option for them in aviation industry. To be an airlines HR you need to do graduation in Human Resource and skills requires to be Airlines HR like Excellent communication skills, leadership skills, management skills, multi tasking.
4.Air Traffic Controller: ATC is responsible for all the control of aircraft like they guide the pilots while takingoff and landing. One should have master’s degree in electronics. They should have skills like basic computer knowledge, decision making, responsible, multi tasking, etc.
5.Air Hostess: Many Girls and women are interested to be an air hostess and it has great job opportunities. One should have graduation in hotel management or Tourism management and you should must have skills like good communication skills, responsible, working for long hours, interpersonal skills, problem solving, teamwork, etc.
These were the career options for women in aviation and aerospace sector, which will definitely help women to choose their career option.