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I think the reason behind the earning less by working double is inequality, gender biases, and following the patriarchal legacy. Even if women do all the same work which man can do and also doing all the household chores then also, she has work in the half salary as compared to the males of our society. Sometimes women are exploited by the males in companies they are told to things which they can’t do to get increment because of this they resign their job. Sometimes I think why this happens only with the women, why they cannot receive the rewards for work. Sometimes bosses knowingly provide less work to women so they earn less and when women confront their boss about this, they say you already have a lot of work of the house and you cannot stay overnight and keeping work. Because of the unsafe environments, families do not give permission to women to stay overnight. Women need to understand they should apply for a job where everyone has given equal income and opportunities. Women when seeing start discrimination and call out because it is the only option there is no point in suffering silence. Unpaid works and very fewer risk women’s financial independence and we know when we are financially dependent on somebody for money they treat them as they their maid some people they cannot understand their worth, so I believe everyone should be independent no matter who your father is, the husband is and children you don’t need to beg anyone for financial support.