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Semantee Chattopadhyay
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Gender discrimination is the unequal treatment of a specific gender. It is the result of years of patriarchy and male dominance. As per 2011 census data, literacy rates for men were 82.14% and for women were 65.46%. the constitution of India lists equal rights and privileges both for men and women. But it is seen that women across the country do not enjoy these rights or opportunities. The root cause of this is poverty, illiteracy, patriarchal setup, social customs, beliefs and practices and the lack of awareness among women. Most people have a feeling that only a male child can extend their family. Research shows that mostly the educated and financially well of people are responsible for female foeticide. If female foeticide goes on at this rate then a time will come when the world would be devoid of any woman. In rural areas, people still believe that they should prioritise their sons because they are going to look after them in their old age. They believe that their daughter is someone who is the property and won’t earn any money for the house. The girls who get married at a very young age face a variety of problems both physically and mentally. Not only in rural India but girls are also subjected to discrimination everywhere. This has several reasons. Stigma and taboo during menstruation, forcing for marriage after a certain age, judging their choices, charging based on their clothes and a lot more. It is observed that parents get their daughters married due to financial constraints. Though the patriarchal setup seems to change with urbanization and education there is still a long way to go. Sons are considered as economic and ritual assets where daughters are considered liabilities. Changing the perspective house society views the rights of girls can eliminate gender-based discrimination. Empowering young girls providing them with the right education is necessary.