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As we compare dowry system, In recent years from last 30 years it’s getting little bit better but not enough, Dowry is illegal in india, The person get punishment in prison for 5 years & 15,000 rupees fine. The Uttar Pradesh is highest dowry in all over india. Dowry system work like bride’s family give cash, food, furniture as well as house & many more to groom & to his relative’s, If bride’s family doesn’t have much money for dowry then groom will not going to marry with her. It’s getting low from last few years but it’s still happen in many state’s, as we can see the viral case of a girl who suicide because she & her family didn’t given much to groom so groom & his parents asking for more dowry but when the bride get into depressed & then she suicide. However the dowry system affect female mental health, depressions, suicidal thoughts & self injuries. Women should take action against dowry they should not harm themselves instead they should give lesson for such peoples who are forcing for dowry. Through which atleast some people will get scare to not force bride’s family for dowry. Dowry system will stop when such people will get strict punishment and it will happen when women will take stand and for support them their should be NGO’s who will get stand by with women’s you faces dowry harassment. Education of women also plays a role to tackle with this dowry system because if women will educate they will aware of their rights and can take action against them. Because of dowry many women in villages has to face harassment after marriage. This happens due to women bear the violence against them rather than they should take stand and fight back with such situations instead of bearing. Society need to change their mindset and take stand against dowry.