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Coding is something that create programming of website, apps and other technology which are we using in our day to day life. In today’s world, Tech field dominated by men and 18% of women are their in tech field. In our coming time girls and women should learn coding because it has great scope with equal pay and opportunities. Girls and women should learn coding due to having different types of courses in coding, so women and girls will get lots of options to make choice of their part of interest. Their are many organizations and online courses who make easily available the source of learning for girls and women. Their is organization for mothers which named as Mothercoders which encourage mothers to learn coding. Through coding many women can start-ups their own business like creating online websites by learning programming and many more things will get easier for women and girls by learning coding. There are many women who has to sacrifice their career to look after their kids and taking care of family but women who choose coding field they can work online with flexible hours. By learning online coding women and girls are also getting internships through some organizations which will definitely benefit them in future job opportunities. And women and girls who can’t afford the fees of the courses for them there are organizations who give free online coding courses due to which women and girls can learn coding and can make their career in tech field. Girls should learn coding through which they will get to know about tech field and it will sharp their skills and it will also benefit to have good communication skills, thinking creative towards project which will surely help them in job opportunities. Girls and women should give priority to learn coding to fill gender gap in tech field.