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Coding is really helping girls and women, in today’s generation their are many IT companies are giving equal opportunity to women because they has gain their skills and coding courses through organizations like Girls who code, udemy, coursera and many more. Mothercoders organization has really help mothers to make their career in tech field. Their are various options in coding like for Women their is Python Programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and for girls their is web design, App Building, Game Desgin and many more through which women and girls can maket heir choice of which they are interested. Because of having many courses in coding and the courses are available online due to which women and girls are getting opportunity to learn through online platforms and many women are getting job opportunities in tech field. Because organizations has really helping women and girls to have source of learning online. Through which women are taking decision to make their career by learning coding. In today’s world, their are many business women who gives inspiration to other girls and women to follow their career goals. Coding is helping women to sharp their skills and teaching about websites through which many women are starting their business online on social media platforms. At earlier, their was only men in tech field but by changing generation and everything has became online due to which women are getting source of learning online, through which women are also making their position in tech field. Coding is giving chance to women to be independent and confident towards their career. Women who don’t get support of family by choosing tech field they learn from coding online and workhard to make their career in coding. In our society, their is gender inequality towards women but due to online platforms of learning women are getting equal chance to make their career in every field.