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Technology has made many things easier for people all over the world. Everything is done online through which it saves the time of people and most of them prefer online Payments, shopping and many more. Their are many men in tech field but through organizations women are getting opportunities to make their career in tech field.
There are many organizations that teach coding for women and girls as following:
1.Girl Develop It: GDI provide various courses like Introduction to HTML and CSS, Introduction to web concepts, Web Accessibility, Introduction to JavaScript and many more. Women and girls will find it helpful because it has various introductory courses.
2.Mothercoders: Mothercoders website are focusing on mothers career in tech field and they take classes on weekdays which help mothers to attend all the classes. It provides courses like introduction of technology training program, overview of tech landscape, web design skills and basic of front-end with duration of 8 weeks. They will also teaches you the basics of technical skills, building website by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
3.Railsbridge: This website conduct free workshops like JavaScript, Ruby, CSS, Rails, Frontend. It will definitely help women and girls to know about coding through attending workshops for this website.
4.Women who code: In this website you will get tutorials, coding resources, articles, videos, events and it is free of cost for female coders.
5.Girls in Tech: There is free membership for this website. It conduct programs like webinars, courses, bootcamps, and many other events. This website will help you learn different courses of coding through which your skills will get sharp.
6.Hear me Code: This website teaches coding for beginners and it is free online course for women and girls. All the materials and curriculum is freely available on this website. In this course you will learn about storing information, APIs, reading data, etc. They provides with code samples and exercises.
All this organizations teaches coding for women and girls. Through this organizations it will definitely benefit for women and girls to learn coding.