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Yash Tiwari
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From a global standpoint, beauty pageants for women help the economy. There is an increase in those who engage in activities to be able to participate in these pageants. This included things as simple as buying new shoes or clothes to go along with their costumes for the models. This increases the interest in the country and also helps the citizens of that country feel they are important and this generation of females who do participate tend to grow up faster than the rest. Beauty pageants have provided a platform for women’s empowerment. In any contest, there are winners and losers, but the women who participate in beauty contests win. Pageants do not force anything, but rather they encourage women to rise above their fears. These incredibly brave girls who participate in these contests are great examples of women’s empowerment.

Science has shown that our preferences are mostly taste-based and can be manipulated through repeated exposure. The emergence of beauty pageants at the turn of the century is a good example of this; in these positions of power, both women and girls are exposed to images that promote body image ideals via the influence of other contestants and pageant judges, who themselves may be suffering from poor self-esteem and eating disorders. This is just the first step when trying to determine how this phenomenon affects an individual or culture. Traditional pageants brought women to the stage to be judged on their looks, dressed almost entirely in white and channeling a fantasy of virginal purity. They were paraded like cattle for consumption by the male judges. It created an expectation in the society of what a beautiful lady should look like; with everyone from presidents to kings dating beauties and awarding them titles based on their looks alone.

I believe the pageant does show that a woman is powerful and can do whatever she wants to no matter the circumstances. Women have been oppressed for so long, but with the Miss Universe Organization gaining more and more global recognition, women all around the world are being empowered to let them know they’re beautiful inside and out. They should feel confident about what they look like in their skin as opposed to what society says it should be or look like.

Beauty pageants have historically been used to objectify women, but they also push the message that beauty is to be pursued, thereby propagating an impossible ideal. As a result, beauty pageants promote an unhealthy obsession with appearances and physical appearance. The issues go deeper than simply proving that beauty pageants are empowering. Because these women who enter pageants, do so because of a certain reason. They’re not stupid, and they’re not blind to the superficiality of it all. They see the potential effects. They know what it could mean for their lives and careers if they win or lose; what the public will think of them for doing something so controversial.