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Yash Tiwari
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The stereotypical representations of men and women in advertisements are mostly the same for each other. They involve child-like characters, non-achievements, habits, and objects (along with only a few empowering qualities). How children perceive the world has a big impact on their future lives. Several marriage adornments are being advertised by the companies for promoting the business. The adornments which women wear on different body parts are having an impact on their lives.

Society needs to change the way of thinking towards women who are considered as property. As girls are brainwashed from birth to accept this stereotype, they start believing this themselves. They believe that they have no right to choose what kind of jewelry do they want and who do they prefer living with. The use of adornments suggested by the advertisements gives a false sense of being loved and cared for in the families. The advertisements that are made for women emphasize the body and facial aspects of women as their selling point. When compared to men, there is a tendency to show lesser focus to obtain a ring on the finger or adornment. The idea is to show more skin and attract the opposite sex to sell more of the jewelry. Many advertisements these days use some kind of advertisement on the wife, such as jewelry. I have come across many men being excited about getting a new ‘designer watch’ for their old bride, and other similar things.

In other words, men are always shown as the provider in the advertisements, women on the other hand are always leisurely or passive. The role of men is always to show that they can provide and can enjoy their life if their wives can do domestic work properly while women have to be portrayed as someone sensitive enough to home-related activities. Advertisements generally show both husband and wife together although the female is emphasized more who is showing some feminine characteristics like carrying a baby while the male partner is supposed to do something manly.

Marriage is considered a symbol of love, faithfulness, and trust between two persons. They meet each other’s requirements and thus they live together in happiness and harmony. Both males and females wear different types of adornments to show that both are in love with each other. Though wearing adornments makes females look more beautiful females don’t need to wear them all the time at the workplace or even after marriage. In India, people have to observe many traditions and rituals. Despite this, women are not allowed to wear too many types of ornaments. This is totally against the constitution of India which provides equal rights for men and women. Furthermore, the dowry system is also there in India led by society and it plays a vital role in their lives. These traditions are also responsible for making women suffer from domestic violence in our Indian society today.